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The Club Tee


After spending 3 months in Manchester and despite falling in love with the city and its nightlife I dropped out of uni deciding it wasn’t right for me.


Throughout the time I was there I took a collection of photographs. It wasn’t until I started to reminisce and look back through these images and thought how different life would have been if I stayed.


Manchester will always hold a special place in my heart and ‘The Club Tee’ features imagery from one of my favourite places ‘the pink room,’ if you know Manchester then you know exactly where this is.


I cant wait to bring you more of where this came from and continue to take you through my creative process.


Stretch mesh


Model wears size S


Available in sizes: S, M & L


Please note this item is handmade to order, once your order is placed it will take 7-14 days to make your order before it is shipped.

Club Longsleeve


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